Zerzevan Castle

Zerzevan Castle Zerzevan Castle, which was built by the Romans as a border garrison three thousand years ago on a high hill towards the Mardin provincial border, 13 km from the Çınar district of Diyarbakır, was recently included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List. In this sense, in order to control the ancient trade route, the castle’s walls up to“Zerzevan Castle” yazısının devamını oku

Turkish Rakı ..

Turkish Rakı .. Edmond Riche, a professor at the University of Kansas, determined the incredibly positive effects of anise combined with grape juice through a special process on, human health. Conducting a similar study, Sir Alex Harley, professor of biochemistry at Manchester University , determined that the best combination of grape juice and anise is in Turkish rakı. According to Harley, the benefits of“Turkish Rakı ..” yazısının devamını oku

Evliya Çelebi…

Evliya Çelebi… Evliya Çelebi is one of the few prominent travelers and writers of the 17th century.He traveled the lands of Western Europe, North Africa, Egypt, the Middle East, Asia, the Caucasus and Anatolia for more than fifty years, and collected what he saw in his 10-volume work called “Seyahatname.”Evliya Çelebi received a very good“Evliya Çelebi…” yazısının devamını oku

Palace Architect Sinan The Great

Palace Architect Sinan The Great The greatest name in the history of Turkish architecture is undoubtedly  Sinan The Great. The works of this famous architect, whose identity goes far beyond the time he was born and grew up in and the geographical boundaries, continue to carry its traces in a wide geography that includes many“Palace Architect Sinan The Great” yazısının devamını oku

Çatalhöyük, Anatolia ‘ in a Neolithic Mega Campus

Çatalhöyük, Anatolia ‘ in a Neolithic Mega Campus There is Çatalhöyük in Konya. Çatalhöyük, where humans settled 9000 years ago.The place that wrote the history, but in my opinion, it is a historical value that has not found its right.I’m not going to tell you too much about Çatalhöyük to make you even more curious here.  As for the history of Çatalhöyük;“Çatalhöyük, Anatolia ‘ in a Neolithic Mega Campus” yazısının devamını oku