Zerzevan Castle

Zerzevan Castle

Zerzevan Castle, which was built by the Romans as a border garrison three thousand years ago on a high hill towards the Mardin provincial border, 13 km from the Çınar district of Diyarbakır, was recently included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List.

In this sense, in order to control the ancient trade route, the castle’s walls up to 15 meters and a part of the 21-meter defense tower are still standing today. Underground sanctuaries, shelters, grain and weapon warehouses, cisterns, water channels, and ruins of various buildings are still being excavated on an area of ​​60 decares, as if shedding light on history.

Head of the excavation, Head of Archeology Department of Dicle University Associate Professor Dr. Aytaç Coşkun states that the excavations in the region started in 2014 and that a more important structure than the castle was discovered in the area. Mithras Temple, which is estimated to have been built 1800 years ago.

This point was not chosen at random, according to the excavation director, all members of the Mithra belief are good astronomers. He tells that according to the position of the planets, it is believed that there is a great energy at the point where the temple is located.

Each of the 7 stages of the Mithras belief symbolizes a planet from Mercury to Saturn on the walls .

Mithra belief was one of the first beliefs to accept the sun as a god.

Since the Mithras Templars are a secret organization, there is no written information about them, but only excavations can be taken as a basis.

Researches done up to now show that Mithra belief was founded in BC. It shows that he was born in Iran in the 5th century . However, the Mithras Templars gained real power during the Romans. A “secret sect” with its own rites and passwords, very similar to the Masonic structure.

The outside ranks and titles of soldiers, or statesmen, aristocrats, rich merchants included in this structure were not valid here. It had its own hierarchy, just as we see in Freemasonry. Joining Mithra was very difficult. Women were not accepted.

The soldiers to join had to go through 12 tortures that would last 7 weeks.

Mithrasians were sitting in the temple according to their rank, the highest level was determined as 7 .    

When the Roman Empire met Christianity, the belief in Mithra infiltrated Christianity . Zerzevan Castle, on the way of the Crusades, continued to function as a secret temple for many years.

The place where the bull sacrifice rites held for those who joined the Templars was held, stands as in the Zerzevan Castle.

In the Mithras Temple, there are 4 binding places where the bull, which was sacrificed by drugging, is hung from its feet, a bowl and a pool where blood flows. It was believed that people who drank this blood after washing with blood were purified from their sins and entered the religion of Mithras.

The signs reinforce the claims that the Knights Templar and the Illuminati, one of the darkest organizations in history, were born here. Zerzevan’s fame spread all over the world after the discovery of this temple, which is very important because its origin is Persia, it is the last Mithras Temple unearthed in the world and it is located in the east B.C. It is known that there has been a settlement here since 882, and that life continued until the conquest of the Islamic armies in 639.

When it was discovered 1700 years ago , three years ago, it attracted attention from abroad.

Generation representatives of dark families, such as Rotschield and Rockfeller, which are widely spoken today, have come to our day. There were even requests to spend the night in the temple .

Visitors to the temple are not that much; UN officials, ambassadors.

As the attention of visitors due to the astronomical position of the temple. Is it possible to get the power turned beliefs?                      


30.09.2018, Diyarbakir

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