İznik (Nicea)ing

İznik (Nicea)

İznik, which is of great historical importance, was an important center in the history of Late Roman and Byzantine. For Christians it is a very important place to visit as it is the place where the 1st Consul in 325, and the 7th Consul in 787 met.

Taken over by the Ottomans in 1331, İznik was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a short time.

In the 16th century, İznik tiles, which are now famous all over the world, for their decoration of all important mosques, are by far ahead of their competitors.

The most important historical building of the city visited by foreign tourists, especially Christians for religious purposes, is the Hagia Sophia Church built by  Justinian 1st in the 6th century.

Another new and very important historical find by Archaeologist Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şahin is the clearly visible remains of the Basilica of St. Neophytos, sliding into the lake.

In 2014 this historical find was described by the “Archaelogical Institute of America” as the “Biggest Discovery Of The Year” and dated back 1500 years.

The 1st Consul met in İznik, is highly probable that it was gathered in this basilica named after         St. Neophytos who was martyred at a very young age.

The entire Christian World, especially Vatican, has already begun preparations to celebrate the 1700th Anniversary of the meeting of the 1st Consul in the coming year of 2025.

The basilica walls “Museum of Underwater Archeology” of the opening doors to visitors.

İznik is a very important region already with museums and historical structures Nicea will draw the whole world’s attention and tourism terms no doubt İznik (Nicea) will be one of the most important centers.

İznik (Nicea) is a city of great historical importance with many opportunities in terms of attracting the Christians and foreign tourists.


Istanbul, 22.08.2019

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